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Nov 18, 2014

Expanding Meteor Daily

I have been curating Meteor Daily for a little bit over 3 months now. The site has become well-known in the community. In those three months it has received over 3000 page views. The mailing list is doing good as well. Some people read Meteor Daily directly in their inboxes, so the audience is even bigger than the page views suggest. All of this was accomplished with very little advertising. I think I only posted to, reddit and meteor-talk about this project.

A new domain

When I attended Meteor Day in Singapore the guy sitting next to me and some others already knew the project. To introduce the rest of the group to Meteor Daily, I gave a short spontaneus lightning talk. The feedback was very positive. So, being in a positive mood after the good feedback and after a generally awesome Meteor Day, I decided to take Meteor Daily a step further. When I got home I bought a domain for this site, which is todays first announcement:

From now on, you can use to access this site. The current domain will stay as the main website, so you don’t have to update your bookmarks.

Reviews and Interviews

I also thought about other ways to improve Meteor Daily. In the upcoming months, there will be reviews and interviews published here. A new meta-category will be used to communicate internal things like vacation leaves. I have updated the layout to accomodate the new types of content. But don’t worry, I will not flood you with these things. I plan to only include them from time to time. Also, the only thing that subscribers receive via the newsletter or RSS will stay the digests.

But most importantly and thanks to my very relaxed working hours, the daily digests will continue. They are and will stay the main purpose of this site.


  • new domain:
  • will stay as well
  • new content like interviews and reviews
  • categories for different types of content
  • explicit links to each posts comments
  • project stays focused on daily digests
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