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Nov 27, 2014


  • Building offline apps using AppCache and ground:db, tutorial
  • Telescope Hangout #2: Search, SEO, and SCSS, video


  • Meteor Day SF, playlist
    • Sashko Stubailo: Introduction to Meteor, video
    • Richard Brooks: Gitflow branch dashboard, video
    • Babak Badaei: Creating a Droste-style animation with Meteor, video
    • Pan Wangperawong: Rapid prototyping with Meteor, video
    • Andrew Mello: - A marketplace for everyone, video
    • Jade Wang: Telescope & Pintask on, video
    • Aaron Cammarata: Meteor gaming with Unity, video
    • Harrison Harnisch: Integrating ElasticSearch with Meteor, video
    • Nate Strauser: Packages for building an ecommerce application, video
    • Yuriy Dybskiy: Worldwide Meteor Day – Connecting 134 cities across all continents, video
  • Meteor Day London, playlist
    • Oli Evans: Introduction, video
    • Chris Chang: MongoDB talk, video
    • Rich Plastow: Demo, video
    • Will Swannell: Hire Space Demo, video
    • Luke Clifton: Demo, video


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