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Oct 16, 2014


  • Meteor Nordic Meetup, video
  • DevShop SF - September 2014
    • Andrew Mao: Making an impact with Meteor in computer and social science, video
    • Chris Mather: Preparing Iron Router for v1.0, video
    • Steve Caldwell: StrapMetrics, an analytics platform for wearable devs, video
    • Oleksander Stubailo: Writing templates with Markdown and KaTeX, video
    • Bjorn Tipling: Building an alternative template engine for Meteor, video
    • Jacek & Gosia Midgal: Demo of Daily Scrum, video
    • Roshan Jobanputra: Meteor Help, video
    • Juan PIneda: Bitcoin multi-sig processing in the client, video
    • Dominic Nguyen: Atmosphere - new ways to discover and engage with packages, video
    • Yuriy Dybskiy: Worldwide Meteor Day, video


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