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Aug 13, 2014


  • Kadira sets default authentication mechanism to Meteor developer accounts, post
  • Telescope now makes theming easier, post, more
  • Meteor Devshop London is tomorrow, meetup
  • Iron-Router moved to new namespace in 0.9.0 packaging system, post


  • @arunoda’s Meteor Weekly, post
  • Porting Meteor apps to Sandstorm, post
  • Set up Meteor and Meteorite on Windows, post (unofficial)
  • Ways to build mobile apps with Meteor, post


  • Devshop videos released, from Devshop London - July 2014
    • James Uren: Creative code, video
    • Howard Tang: The design of simple, video
    • Dominik Guzei: Prisma - Creative suite extensions, video
    • Alan Shaw: Server 2 Server DDP, video
    • Bernard Morden: Multitouchy, video
    • Liam Wooding: Surround cows, video


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