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Aug 8, 2014


  • Sneak preview of the Meteor visual redesign, post
  • Help test Meteor 0.9.0 Release Candidate! post


  • Devshop videos released, from Devshop SF - July 2014
    • Evan Weinberg: Coding for the classroom, video
    • Bozhao Yu: Revisit link accounts, video
    • Andy Lash: Planning your startup with Opstarts, video
    • Sean Li: A PaaS in Meteor, video
    • Harrison Harnisch: A Python client for Meteor, video
    • Andy Williams & David Furlong: Meteor-neo4j, video
    • Ben Morse & Alex Fuhr: Meteor flies drone, video
    • Kenton Varda: Packaging Meteor apps, video
    • Slava Kim: Experimental Redis Support, video
    • Mike Risse: MeteorPad, video
    • Phil Cockfield: A look inside the Respondly UI system, video


  • Using wait, waitOn and ready in Routes, video


  • Meteor Mutual Testing Fund, idea
  • Telescope v0.9.2 MailScope, post
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